Saturday, July 28, 2007

Simpson's Movie

Well, I saw the Simpson's Movie tonight. It was really fun, I have been a big fan of the Simpson's since I was little and seeing them on the big screen was very fun. I still watch it ever night and my husband is slowly buying me ever season (so far we only have the first two...they are expensive!). The animation looks a bit strange on the big screen, but I think that is because (to my untrained eye) they used more "special affects" or CG sorta techniques than they normally do in the show. The one priceless moment for me was (and if you see the movie you will see this) they act as if the movie has ended...and you could hear a pin drop and one person yelled out "What the F*&%$" a second before it picked back up again. It was just perfect timing! Things like that just happen. Another time like that I remember from when I was a kid and Mortal Kombat the Movie came out. Liu Kang did his signature kick across the screen and the whole movie theater cheered! It was just magical!. The Simpson's Movie almost made me cry...almost. When Homer is watching the was just touching...and right before you felt that "OMG" feeling welling up in your chest...they stuck in a joke...great times!
As for my crafting, I got some pictures taken tonight (finally my camera batteries and my flash light batteries decided to work in unison) and some new items made. I hope that people like what I have to put up...I know I do. Once I am done cropping the pictures, I will put my favorite up in this keep your eyes pealed!
And here is those pictures I promised you!

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