Thursday, August 2, 2007

Very Cool Parasol!

I just thought that I would tell everyone out there in cyberspace the wonders of the parasol! I lean in the gothic direction, so standing out in a crowd doesn't really faze me much. I tend to enjoy staying up late and sleeping in, avoiding direct sunlight most of the time. The main reasons for my disdain of sunlight is:

A) it gets freaking hot! When most of your wardrobe is can be down right dreadful in the summer!
B) I spent a lot of money on my tattoos, I love them, and I don't want them to fade! My husband even knows that when we go out to cover my exposed tattoos with his arms/body (in a natural, I am walking with my love kinda way).
C) I hate tan fact, I hate tans! I dont like the way they look, but that is just personal preference!

I decided to get a parasol because the two labs that I frequent the most on campus are like a 25 minute walk from each other. I would arrive at one lab dripping in sweat, out of breath, and exhausted because of the heat. I couldn't make the sun go I had to take the shade with me! I am not to fond of hats, so I decided to get a custom parasol made to combat my problem. i did some research in some back issues of Gothic Beauty Magazine and found a parasol maker that I liked and had good write ups. I chose Sara's Parasols to do my custom parasol! It took a while to work out all of the details, but once I found the perfect fabric (black, white and red plaid!) the work began. All in all I got a plaid parasol with a solarweave lining (to block UV rays) with a black braid trim (I am not a lacy kind of gal) and a black handle for 90 bucks. Let me tell you, this week it has been worth every penny! It is still hot, but I am not exhausted and dripping when I walk across campus! If anyone is looking for wonderful customer service (I don't know how many times George and I corresponded) and a great product, look no further! The only thing I think I might change is the removable clasp to keep the parasol closed would have a metal snap instead of Velcro...but that is easy enough to fix!

Thanks for reading and keep out of the sun!


Anonymous said...

Faze, not phase. The dictionary is your friend.

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Thanks! Some times things like that slip by me. It is especially hard since I am dyslexic. I was also taking physics at the time... so maybe that is why I didnt catch it!

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