Sunday, September 23, 2007

Candle Party

I had a candle party today which I have spent the whole weekend preparing for. I havent gotten any of my homework done and I am tired as heck...but I really enjoyed myself. My best friend convinced me to throw one (she works for Party Lite), and more people came that I thought would come...but my bf brought some of her relatives (which is fine by me). I think mostly everyone had a good time. I even put out my jewelry and sold almost 60 bucks worth! Whoo hoo!! I almost ran out of food...I hope no one felt slighted. I got to buy a couple of things, which was nice. I cant wait to get them, especially since one is going to be hung in my bedroom...which has next to nothing on the walls right now! I have to say that Dot (my kitty) took the whole ordeal pretty well. We had two kids over and they chased her a bit, but she didnt get to riled up. The most memorable part for me is my little niece (who is 3) asked me if I was wearing a bra and then proceeded to try and look...luckily I stopped her in time!


maiko said...

taaaaaaaaag! (check out my blog)

Shell Mitchell said...

ha ha ha! kids are so funny, huh?
sounds like you had fun... I'm sure there was just the right amount of food!

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