Sunday, December 16, 2007

Product Review: Industrial Stretchy Bracelet from Red Panda

I have wanted to review RedPanda's work for a while, but I just never got around to it. Well now that will change! Back in August I got a custom version of the bracelet you see in the picture. The reason it was custom is because my wrist is so small! You can get the bracelet made with a number of different colors, and I hemmed and hawed between silver or red metal rings, but in the end I went with silver because silver goes with more things. One of the requirements of jewelry that I buy is that it be durable. I dont take my jewelry off hardly ever. I only take my rings, watch and bracelet off to shower. Other than that...they stay on. I wear it for years, basically until it breaks. I convoed RedPanda to ask about the durability of this bracelet, as the black rings are actually ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber. She said that her significant other has warn the exact same thing for almost a year and it has held up and the rubber hadnt changed or caused any kind of reaction. I bought it and I have to say that, yep, this is one tough cookie of a bracelet! The closures are excellent (my husband does chain maille and is very picky..and he was impressed) and I have had no problem with the rubber. The bracelet is stretchy, so there is no clasp or closure to snag on clothing. It is very unique and I love wearing it every day. In fact, some times I dont take it off in the shower (because I forget) and it is still perfect. I have had some "build up" under it, but that is because I wear it constantly, like the junk that builds up around my watch (dead skin and the like), but that isnt the bracelet's fault.
Overall Impression: Excellent all over, from customer service to work quality. I would recommend RedPanda to anyone! And this is coming from a person who is married to someone who does chain maille! Thank you so much RedPanda!


PureKatherine said...

I must say that I'm more than in love with the redpanda piece that I have.

Good review and great purchase!

SB&C said...

Love the bracelets!

Glad to hear you like WNTC!

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