Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Second Try at PMC

Here is my second try at using PMC to make some jewelry. I decided to try a ring again and I also created a duo of charms that will act like a focal for a future necklace. This time I felt a little bit more comfortable with the clay. Like I said before, it is similar to other polymer clays like Sculpty, but there are properties of PMC that is all its own. Things like the leather hard stage just doesnt happen in other clays (at least to my knowledge). Anyway, I found it easier and smoother to bond the two ends of the ring together. I really like the way the it looks this time around. I decided not to patina this ring, just shine it up a bit. The other pieces, I used some stamps from the craft store. The spider didnt turn out so well, but I absolutely LOVE the spider web look. I added a light patina to them to increase the contrast. I havent yet put the charms into a necklace yet, but I think that it will probably have a lot of hemalyke beads. Overall, I think I am improving!


Kallia said...

They look very nice!

GoddessFlame said...

I really like the charm for the future necklace. It's amazing.

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