Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brand New Blog Contest!!!

This is the official announcement of:

Fuzzy Izmit’s Homemade Tomfoolery’s Name the Hat Contest!

I need your help! I am having trouble coming up with a name for the latest hat I created. This hat is created from granny squares from an old forgotten ugly afghan. As you can see, the hat is quite colorful and it is not my normal style… which is why I am having trouble naming it. All I can come up with are names like “Rainbow Puke” or “Ugly Hat” which probably doesn’t make this hat as appealing as it could be. That is where you guys come in. I want you everyone out there in internet land to help me come up a name! Your job is to come up with as many (family appropriate) names as you can and leave them as comments here on this blog. You can enter as many times as you want, just make sure that your comment has some way for me to contact you (like you sn and site you found this from etc.) if you name is picked. Any names deemed offensive or inappropriate will be deleted. Please do not list names more than once, only the first person to list a name will be counted. This "brain storming" phase of the contest will run until April 26th. At that point, the five best will be placed in a poll (also on this blog) and after a week, the name with the most votes wins!! The inventor of the winning name will receive a $5 gift code they can use in my shop and free shipping on anything they order at that time. I will also give you credit (if you wish) when I list this hat!

On to the hat! Like stated before, this is made from granny squares and is (to the best of my knowledge) make from 100% acrylic yarn. I have a few squares left, so I may make a few more similar, but each one will be unique because no two granny squares are the same! There is elastic cording that helps to keep it on your head and it is made to keep a bushel of dreads under (colorful) wraps. Hopefully with a great name this special hat will find a good home!

Hat on Head side 1

Hat on Head front

Hat on Head Side 2

Hat Back

Hat 2

Hat 1

Good luck!


Tami Ely said...


TotusMel said...

Funky Granny

Anonymous said...

Painters dream

Anonymous said...


kellykatcrafts said...

rainbow explosion

pink_chihuahua_art said...


Amy Esther said...

Rainbow Rasta!

Anonymous said...

Optical Phenomena

Iris Prism

Noah's Cover

( I'll add more later. )

Anonymous said...

Optical Phenomena

Iris Prism

Noah's Cover

( I'll add more later. )

Also, that's Goddessflame from VF.

Anonymous said...

Grandma's Makeover


rainbow-robot__x said...

Rainbow Flower Puff hat xD


micky said...

Sherbert Swirl or Sherbert Delight

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Dont forget... if you dont have a blogger identity, you will need to leave me some kind of info so that I can contact you later if you win!

Ginger said...

Roy G. Biv

Da Kine



Pure Kona

Once in a Lullaby

Anonymous said...

the amazing technicolored dream hat

rainbow bright in hat form

rainbow tam hat

rainbow tam tam

rainbow rasta

rainbow hippie hat

nikasha designs said...

rasta fiori

Heather Buchanan said...

Oooh! What fun!

Rasta Granny


Slouchy Granny

Granny Beanie

Afgan Tam

Gay-Pride Granny Hat

Afgan hippie

Oooh, I'm usually better at this sort of thing. I might be back...

(heatherfuture on etsy)

Brittany said...

Calebs Colored Cap

Anonymous said...

Dreaded colors

Gypsycaster said...

Reaclaimed Rainbow-licious!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't Dread On My Rainbow

Granny Dreads These Squares

Dovie from VF

Kat said...

I was going to say 'Funky Granny' too! TotusMel beat me to it though :)

Mary said...



rosie said...

name that hat
from rosie
granny's flower festival of fun hat
granny knows best how to protect your head hat
granny reclaimed knowledge in a hat hat
super spanglytastic multicoloured hat of wonderfulness

Cinnamon said...

dreaded flowers

Anonymous said...

looks like a homemade hat

DreamWoven said...

i think you should call it "RAGU". which means a blend of meat, vegies, tomatoe sauce, carrots and seasonings.

mmmmm yummmmy hat

Lilac_Passion said...

Mod Flower Granny Cap (in Rainbow Colors)

VixenSingsBlack said...

Rainbow Granny Hat

from: VixenSingsBlack at Heavenly Hair

LUNICA said...


lunica HH forum :p

Anonymous said...

Dandy Candy Tam

Quietsleeper from HH

Anonymous said...

Last Time Nanna Did Acid

LeSang VF

tjmetz said...

This is fun!

Granny Be Hip Mon

Fantasta Rasta

Psychedelic Fantasy

Granny Goes Pyschedelic

kittyboguls said...

fuzzy wuzzy jelly belly beanie

Alanna said...

Carmen Miranda Hat

Sheep Dip Hat

Dread Sprinkles

~Alanna (Faking-It on HH board)

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in the paint store

oopsy daisy said...

Rainbow Sphew

ka POW!

Kung Foo Konfetti


PacificTonics said...

how about

The Boring Hat ... not!

i know sarcasm doesnt work well here on the internets, but it might work in product marketing

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