Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wool Dread Extensions: Part 3

Well, I am almost done! These are my dreads as of right now. Right now my total is 66, so all I need is four more to meet my total of 70 dreads! They are over powering the plastic hanger! I took a picture zoomed on the dreads. Now I just have to make the last few and to dye them. I have been making dread bands like crazy and picked up a new crochet book with lots of hat ideas. I cant wait to make a mess of new dread accessories! I even made a pair of pony tail things tonight.. but they arent quite done yet, so I cant post pictures, but I will once they are done. There is a great pattern for a total head wrap thing that is just awesome that I cant wait to try! The only issue I have with this book is 80% of the patterns involve elastic cord, which I dont have. Guess that means another trip to the craft store.

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