Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fuzzy Izmit’s First Ever Etsy Scavenger Hunt! The Rules!

Welcome to Fuzzy Izmit’s First Ever Etsy Scavenger Hunt!

This idea for a contest actually came to me in the shower, but I hope it isn’t a wash… yeah, I know, that was horrible! But I assure you this contest will be fun! I want to release the rules first so that everyone is on the same page and can ask questions if they need too before I release the clue list. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section of this blog entry. I am also going to give you an example. I hope to have the list created and published on my blog by next Saturday.


This is a scavenger hunt for items on Only items for sale on Etsy are valid to use. You cannot use items from your own shop if you have a shop. When the list is released, your entry needs to be posted as a comment on that blog entry with contact information (i.e. email address). Each item can only be used once. The first person to give a complete list will win $10.00 off any item(s) from my etsy shop (coupon does not cover shipping charges).

Example List (This is much simpler than the actual list will be):

  1. Something Purple
  2. Something Green

Example Entry


The color of the fabric is purple


A photograph of a green statue

Here are some things to avoid (i.e. they will get you disqualified).

  1. Bad or no contact information
  2. Links that do not work
  3. Incomplete list
  4. Missing/Incomplete/Shaky/Offensive/Adult descriptions. Adult themed items are okay to link, but make sure the descriptions are family friendly
  5. Using items from your own shop or items that are not on
  6. An item can only used once
  7. The clue must relate to the item in the listing, not the background, seller etc.
I cant wait to think up the list! Happy hunting!


Anonymous said...

something green:
the background is green.

something purple:
it's a purple mask

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Umm... good practice but I havent released the official list yet... that one is just an example list.

ThreadBeaur said...

I think it is a great idea! I will check back for the official list!!!

kim* said...

great jewelry hand :)

Andrea said...

Cool game!

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