Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mini Vacation

I thought I would tell you guys about my weekend, since it was so eventful! My husband and I got invited to a bonfire at a friends house Friday night the day before. Luckily we got some crash space (on the softest most bouncy bed I have ever slept on, which was really different). Well, the bonfire was actually an excuse to try to burn a troublesome stump out from next to our friends garage. Through the night we caught the wooden windowsill on fire and caused his new roof to bend (but it bent back after the heat died down). I had fun tending to the fire most of the night (I am a pyro at heart). We ate hot dogs and smores, with Krackel bars instead of regular chocolate bars. They turned out really tastly that way!
It was quite the late night (I actually took a break and napped in the car for a while) , but we also got invited to go paint balling the next day. I had never played, but I have wanted to try it for years. My husband had gone once in college, so he could tell me a bit about it. We met up the next day after picking up some camouflage clothing. The friend who invited us paint balling actually works at a paint ball place, so we got to play for free (thank goodness, because we didnt bring enough cash to cover it). The first game I didnt even shoot a single shot! It was still fun though. The last game was great. I actually got to take out my husband with a shot (of all places) to the wedding ring! I also asked my husband after the last game to shot me because, even though we had played 4 games, I had only been shot in the rifle... and I wanted to know what it was like. Well, he shot me from about 10 feet away and left that wonderful looking welt/bruse/blood blister combination you see up there. I didnt mind. Yes, it hurt, but it was worth it. We found out after the game that one of our tires had gone flat (recalled valve stems we never got replaced...) so we had to wait around Wal-Mart (the only place still open on a Saturday that had tires) to get them all replaced. Luckily, the great dinner we had afterwards made up for the pain the tires had caused. It was a good weekend, and that is all that really matters, right?

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i want a wedding ring tat

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