Monday, September 22, 2008

New Project

I have been kicking around the idea of starting a web comic type thing using little plastic people for actors etc. I hope to start getting all the stuff set up soon. The name of the "strip" (which will probably be a mix of stills and video) is Fuzzy Memory Inc. Right now, all the profits from my shop are going towards buying the needed equipment to get started. I dont know if it will be funny or anything, but feel free to check in. I am sure I will make a big announcement once I start making some stuff... and it will probably be updated sporadically since I dont plan on getting rid of my job any time soon. I plan on doing shorts and parodying movies etc. If you want to stop over, I am still setting up the website (blog... I am not good at real websites) and you can give me pointers if you want. And, it is going to be on a black background, like this blog, so deal. I like black. A lot. Color of my heart and all that.

See that, I was trying to be funny... dont quit your day job right?

1 comment:

Paper Girl Productions said...

I like black too but mostly pink. lol! Cant wait to see the new project.

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