Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bacon Chocolate Cupcake with Homemade Chocolate Icing

Well, I did it! I made the chocolate and bacon cupcakes I mentioned in my previous blog! I had to make a half batch because I didnt have enough bacon for a full batch... so only 12 cupcakes for us! I also had to use normal cocoa powder instead of dark chocolate powder. I am eating it right now and you shall share my experience! The icing is really really sweet and plays nicely against the moist cake. I wonder how different it would be with the dark chocolate, but it is really great! The bacon pieces give a nice sharp salty contrast to the sugary cupcake. I actually find I like eating this with out eating the frosting first, because the extra sugar mixed with the salty bacon really go nicely together. I tried to make the bacon as crispy as I could, and that really helped since once they go into the batter and start baking they are inundated by moisture. The texture of the chewy bacon (because there is only so much the crispy can hold back) is the only thing about this cupcake I find a little odd. Maybe if I made them even crispier it would be better.

Overall Impression: MMMMMM! Everyone should try this! Make sure to cook the bacon as crisply as you can without burning it. Yummy!


Kylie B said...

Ummm, they do sound interesting!

w said...

so i still haven't tried the chocolate bacon. but i did tell hubby about it.

mmmm... bacon. the other white meat.

mmmm... chocolate. the other dark meat.

Ruby-Jo said...

It seems so wrong but I would love to have a taste. Can you me send a sample through cyberspace?

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