Friday, October 31, 2008

Investigating a Crime Scene!

Investigating a Crime Scene!
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Happy Halloween everyone! I know I dont have black hair... but my costume this year was Abby from NSIC. She is sorta my hero. She gives me hope that I can some day be respected and employed in a lab while having the ascetic I long for. One of the best complements I had today was several people thought, before I told them about my Halloween costume, that I was just dressing up a bit to do something special! I normally wear a lab coat at work, so the only thing I did different was put my hair up in pig tails (my hair isnt long enough for braids... barely long enough for the pig tails!), changed my necklace and put on some make up! I didnt have to actually go and buy anything for my costume. How cool is that!


Anonymous said...

you so sexy!

Actremediation said...

I know that, Halloween there can bring a joy in people :)

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