Friday, November 7, 2008

Full of Fun Loom Knitted Adult Santa Hat

I finally did it! I made and listed a Santa hat similar to my husband's in my shop. I think I can make one more, but a baby size, out of the yarn I have left. I wonder if they will sell... I hope so! They are a lot of fun to make. I wish you could see it (I think it come across better in some of the photos in my listing) that the brim is not only very fluffy, but has a little bit of sparkle as well! These hats are just too cute! I was also thinking of making some in different colors, but I need the right yarn to go on sale. Figures, once I find that I really think Homespun works really well in this application, all the sales end. Pompoms are a new adventure too. I tried making them years and years ago, and they turned out horrible. I think that is because I got confused and made them wrong. Now they seem much easier and hold together. I even got a pompom maker to help with the process (so I wouldnt have to cut out tons of cardboard circles).

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