Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Third time is a charm!

Third time is a charm!
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Well, there we go! I finally finally finally have a neck warmer! I know it is a bit hard to see, since it is black and I am wearing a black shirt and a black hoodie (can you tell what my favorite color is?) I can wait to turn out a few more (in different colors) and put them up on my etsy site. There are few little things I will do differently to tweak the pattern, but I really like it. I have worn it all day and it is really super comfy. All these neck, arm, and ear warmers are coming in handy as we have to keep the heat low to conserve on our energy bill. I sorta envy my cats, they have fur coats! My husband doesnt feel the chill because I am convinced he is half yeti.


moxylyn said...

I like your Santa hats in your shop! So much better than store bought. I need to get me a neck warmer. I have been freezing for a week now!

kim* said...

i want a neck warmer so---bad

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Thanks! I will have to start turning these out then!

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