Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dot's New Bed

Months and months ago I went looking for some wool sweaters at the local thrift stores for some needle felting projects. I found a few, but before I could try my hand at all of them, one of my kitties (Dot) decided that one of them were here. For weeks she lovingly covered this gray XL sweater with her hair. I figured, since she was so attached to it, she could keep it as a bed. A few days ago, I found it (it had been buried by some boxes... long story) and the thought occurred to me to turn it into a proper cat bed. Dot doesnt use the one we bought her (we actually use it to keep her from sleeping on our towels...), but maybe she would sleep on this one since she already "claimed" it.

First I cut off the sleeves, which I actually have plans for, and hand sewed them shut along with sewing the bottom shut. I hand sewed because not only is our craft room full of boxes, I would have to clear away all of my beading and painting stuff to get out my sewing machine. It was just easier to hand sew it. I debated on putting some decorative stitching on top, but Dot has a funky toe which cant retract it's claw and I dont want that getting stuck in the stitching on accident. I loosely stuffed the body with just one bag of eco-friendly stuffing to give it some fluff, but not a lot of bulk. Dot doesnt like bulk to sleep on. Once I broke it up a bit, after it was inside the body to keep it from getting fibers everywhere, I sewed the neck closed, but below the collar. I did this so it still looks like a sweater that I folded lovingly, but before I could put it away, Dot got to it!

And so far, she seems to like it!


Redd said...

That is so awesome!
I love how you left the collar to fool her.
She's gorgeous!

Antebelle said...

Awesome Idea! Looks great!! She's a happy girl!

Damselle Jewelry said...

awww! Nothing is cuter than Catbliss!

Ishy said...

Awww, she's so cute! I love kitties.
I should make mine her own bed.

Memoirgirl said...

Very cute!

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