Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shrug Done!

First Try Shrug
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I have been dutifully plugging along on my purple shrug for a couple of weeks now. I finally finished it... but with a little bump in the road. I constructed this by first completing both of the sleeves, then creating a panel to connect the two. Well, about 7 rows from where I planned on ending the panel... one of my two skeins of yarn ran out! To remedy that I decided to try and take what was in my remaining skein in half and try and finish. Well, if I wanted to actually JOIN the pieces together... I had to end it like 4 rows before I wanted to. I decided to give it a shot shorter just to finish this puppy.

Well, it fits... barely. I dont think I will ever be able to wear this with anything with sleeves. Because of the size issue, the sleeves are shorter than I wanted, and they hang at about 3/4th length level. That bugs me, because personally, I hate sleeves that are anywhere in between short sleeve and full sleeve length. I guess I will have to get used to it. It is super warm because I used 2 strands of homespun for the whole thing... so maybe I can wear tank tops in the winter now! I hope it will stretch out a bit with use. I am going to probably make another one... but thinner and a little bit longer, a different pattern. I also want to try making it as one complete piece next time, so I dont have to join the sleeves etc. That means no cuffs, but thats okay.

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