Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Butter Jesus!

I know this is post is a long time in the making, but I have been super duper blooper busy lately. Last month my hubs and I took a trip back to our native state to visit a super little niece for her birthday party. On the way, we had to stop by a local crazy landmark... Big Butter Jesus!

Well, he is not really made out of butter, but he sure looks like it! It was thundering and lightening quite close to us, and my camera was on it's last bit of battery juice, but I managed to take a few shots. If you want to see a few more shots, just follow that picture to my Flickr page to see them. If you are not familiar with Big Butter Jesus, he was made famous by the great Heywood Banks song you can see here!

Oh, and my niece had a great party with an awesome pink princess cake made by a neighbor!

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Black Squirrel Knits said...

Ahh, I've seen that Jesus before (though I'm from a different part of the state), but we've always called it the 'Touchdown Jesus"! I didn't know there was a song about it. Too awesome.

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