Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Second Try at Real Dreads

WARNING: Long and full of pictures!

I have decided to take the plunge again! I have been itching to get my hair redreaded for ages now, but I had to wait until after I got my new job. Then I had to wait until I was sure I could get them in said job (another lady in the office has them, so I figured they couldn't stop me, right?). Then I had to try and find someone to do them (cause, as much as I love my husband, I know he didnt want to dread my hair again)... It is tough moving to a new city in a new state and trying to find someone to put dreads in! I found Nature's Outer Beauty on line, and decided to give them a try. Right on their website they said they use the latch method, and no wax... so bonus! The ladies there were very nice, but it was a long wait even with an appointment (I think they had some walk ins). The salon was a tad small, but nice. Everyone was very chatty, and I got a some work done on my knitting while I waited. The waiting didnt really bother me. I had waited probably close to 6 months to get this done, another hour and a half wasnt going to kill me. Did I mention they have hours on the weekend? Another bonus!

Well, here is a before picture. I know what most people think... why would you ruin your hair?!?! I dont see it as ruining, but improving! If/when I dont want them any more, I will just shave my head like I did last time. I love having my head shaved as well, and the only reason I grew out my hair this long (I HATE this length!) was for the dreads.

All I ever do is put my hair in a pony tail anyway wit it that length! It took about 2-2.5 hours of chair time, but even after they started on my head, I had to give up my seat occassionally so they could finish other people up. I got there for a 4pm appointment and didnt leave until like 8pm or so. I was HUNGRY... but that isnt as important. I was hoping they would do the crochet hook method seen HERE but they just did the latchhook-pull through method. That is okay, it will help secure the roots, but I would have liked a bit more back combing and locking going on.

It didnt really hurt that much, but sleeping that night was a bit tricky. The latch hook method didnt work all that great on the hair at the base of my neck because it is so short... they tend to want to flip around. Wearing head bands to work (for a more professional look until they lock up) isnt helping. I think those will need the most work, and they are the hardest for me to see.

She also didnt back comb or try and dread the ends at all. Go figure. I was a bit miffed, but I figured for the price (which was totally reasonable in my opinion) I could work on the ends myself (and with the help of my hubs). What I really needed help with was sectioning my hair and getting them started.

This last photo is of me 1 day post dread. The stray hairs and loose ends are driving me mad, but I know dreading is a long process. I will try and take a new picture every week or so. If I dont blog about it, I will have it up on my flickr account. I just hope this poofy/messy stage doesnt take too long!


Keri said...

Oh honey. You're going to have a lot of trouble with those :( She treated your hair like it was African-American. It works in really kinky hair because that type of hair stays twisted better and isn't silky. You might want to brush 'em out, cut your losses, and start with any of the techniques listed here:

Here's some good advice on starting dreads too:

Good luck!

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

Hey, I backcombed my own hair. Around two weeks after my initial backcombing so much of my roots came out (or had been forgotten in the first place.

I went to a place and they interlocked the stray hair (just as they did to yours)

At home, I took the strands of hair that were twisted around and crocheted them into my backcombed hair.

My dreads are six months old now and the interlocking really helped.

I can't imagine it would work without backcombing. Is it possible to backcomb the sections she made yourself?

I don't think you need to take them out, but I do wonder if they'll dread up as they are.

Sarah said...

What Keri said.
Definitely check out
Great people willing to help.

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Thanks for the link!

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