Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dread Journey: 1 Month 1 Week

I know I said I would take a picture of my dreads each month, but right now I think it is going to be when ever I can. This picture was taken at one month and one week. They need a lot of tightening, both at the root and at the ends. My ends tend to curl when they are just washed too... which is a bit strange, but cute when I have them up in a pony tail. I like them about 150% better when they are up in a pony tail. I worry about back combing them too much and having the hair break.

I know they are just baby dreads, but I want them to lock up as fast as I can make them! So far, my hair regimine is: wool sleeping tam, 1:1 dilution of Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Oil soap, spray with saline solution occassionally, spray with lemon juice solution occasionally, one a week no-poo baking soda/vinegar rinse treatment, and backcomb/crochet hook when ever it is clean and I/my husband have the time. I dont think I have ever put this much work into a hairdo ever!


Hearttohearts said...

That sounds like a lot of work, but I love how they're turning out. Love the tattoo too!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I know someone who also went on the "dread journey" - very long trip, LOL. She had them professionally started and it took a lot of work but they were very cool! Yours are off to a good start! Nice tattoo!

Anonymous said...

I hate to sound snotty, and that's not what I'm trying to do, but you need to leave them alone.

I'm on my second set of dreads and this set is going so much better because I'm not fiddling with them all the time. I know the feeling of wanting to do something to make them better, but honestly, that's just to leave them be.

Crocheting them is just going to mean bad things down the road because they are too young to be dealing with the stress of it. Wash them when they need it, rip any dreadies trying to eat eachother and that's it. It's the best route in the long run, I promise!

Good luck to you on your dreadie journey! (Sorry for the long post!)

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