Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wow... an update

I dont even really know what to write about anymore in this thing. Let's see... the house sold and I am back in Ohio. Things have just been insane, and I dont feel like rehashing it all again. All that matters in my husband and I are back together in the same freaking place. I got a new camera, so why dont I show off some of my shots?
I am saving my pennies for a good macro lens for it. It has a decent enough macro function, but I want more. I havent been selling anything on line for a long while now, but I have been trying to destash when I have time over at tophatter, but I find I am buying more than I am selling (which is okay, I guess).
I recently found what appears to be a really fun knitting group and hubby and I have joined a local gaming group... so let's hope we can get some friends soon! Heck, I might even be marching with a person I met through Etsy and is local here.

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