Monday, July 30, 2007


I am just so excited I have to tell everyone! I just sold three things from my shop (all to the same person) and I got another commission! Yeah! I was joking around with on of my professors (the one who gave me her third request for another commission) that I should open a shop just for the person who bought the three things is an old adviser of mine from my undergrad! I am putting the package together to ship...and I just realized that I am very low on shipping supplies! I need bubble wrap!
On a side note, while I was walking to day carrying my new custom parasol, I tripped. As I fell I thought "I am so not going to ruin my brand new parasol the first time I use it!" so I didn't put my hands out to slow down my decent. I took the full impact on my right knee, which is now missing a whole mess of skin. Cleaning fibers from my skirt out of it wasn't fun either, but coming home to a mailbox full of sale notices brightened my day a lot!

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