Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Guestbook

I downloaded that new guest book you see at the top of the page yesterday. I am glad to see that people have started to sign it. I think it is a great way of advertising. I am sure if I see it on other blogs to put up a picture in it! The only problem I have has so far is the location option when you sign doesn't seem to work very well. I put in East Lansing, MI USA for both of my posts, but it just changes it back to what ever it had in there previously...which is strange. One is close, still in Michigan, but the other is San Fransisco! I don't know how to fix is, so if anyone else is having this problem and knows how to fix it, let me know. I just worry that I will loose all the other signatures if I try and mess with it.

1 comment:

Chris Rohrbach said...

Sorry about the message in your guest book I guess code doesn't work and I don't see where I can delete my entry. Keep on blogging.

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