Sunday, August 19, 2007

Quick Craft Update

I have been working on some side stuff, which I thought I would talk about and show off. I got some new beads that I have used to make some new earrings that are up in my shop (the purple and green ones). I was going to post these red hippos, but I didnt notice until I was done taking pictures that there was a black fiber on one...and all of the photos were worthless! Oh well. I hope they sell well, I have quite a few pairs...maybe I can trade them :) I havent done much bead embroidery on my fireball necklace, but I have started to work on the "chain" part (the part that will actually go around the neck and have the clasp etc). It is a spiral rope design and I hope it will tie in the black leather and black seed bead boarder I plan on putting on the fireball. The weave is also supposed to be very strong as the black Nymo thread I am using goes though the center beads (the black ones) at like three times. Let me know what you think!!! I love comments!

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Gabi said...

Kelli's hippo earrings!!!

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