Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocolate Bacon Adventure Conclusion!

Well, my comeuppance has come! I arrived home today to find a package from pudleduk on my front door. As I type this my mouth is waters as I look at the three fudgey treats individually wrapped for my enjoyment. I figured I might as well type this out as I try the first you all out there can get my raw reaction to my food experiment. I probably should include pictures too!
--Taking Pictures--
chocolate, nothing unexpected about that!There are three bars like the one in my lap that you see. to get some scissors to cut it open! Okay, I was lazy and just used my letter opener...It smells like salty The anticipation is killing me... now for the first bite!
Definitely fudgey. The bacon plus the fudge has a strange texture because the bacon is chewer than the fudge. Very sweet fudge too (reminds me of some one of my friends in high school used to make). The saltiness is very subtle in the beginning, but blossoms about half way though the bite because by that time the mastication has started to release the true bacon flavor. Finishes sugary, with only a small hint of saltiness.
Maybe next time a dark chocolate to tone down the hyper sugariness of the fudge, but my over all impression: Yummy! Perhaps a less fudge, more candy bar type chocolate would improve the texture as well. I deem the experiment a success! Now to pass it around to family members to see what they think!


... said...

my first thought was ew, especially after seeing the picture. but i have tried a chocolate bar along side of a plate of bacon before and it wasnt half bad.

SSSOber said...

Actually got around to trying some bacon with semi-sweet Godiva last week. The flavor was good overall and the chocolate and bacon did complement each other to bring out the best in their respective tastes. But even though I drained the bacon, it was greasier than I liked. Very interesting experiment, but I think I'll stay with good quality semi-sweet chocolate on pretzel sticks -- that's the right combo of sweet and salty and creamy and crunchy for me!

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