Saturday, September 8, 2007

I have been hard at work creating even more earrings, but I thought I would show off another work in progress. This is another cha-cha bracelet I am working on. I really love the way those oil slick chip beads look and I cant wait to get it in my shop...but there is one little problem. I RAN OUT OF HEADPINS!! I am so frustrated! I want to order more, but I have to wait until I need some more supplies to make it worth it. Ugh! It is so close to being finished, I just want to get it done and up in my shop. I wonder if it will sell quickly. The only "problem" with cha-cha bracelets, is while they look really good, they use up tons of beads and tons of I have to charge a bit for them (like this one I already have in my shop). Oh well, guess it is off to start writing the rules for my Doll Trade-A-Way!

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