Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pearl Rosary

Pearl Rosary
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_izmit
I just finished an all pearl rosary, and I absolutely love it! I love it so much...I dont know if I want to list it. I love the way pearls feel, so I can imagine praying with this rosary will be quite a joy. I also like the way the gunmetal seed beads I used as spacers contrasted nicely with the pearls. I also like the sterling silver center. I hope to make more, but I want to try other colors, like dark gun metal pearls, red pearls etc. I dont think I will be able to order any more supplies for a while, I need to make and sell more. I have more pearl crosses, but not enough decent normal bead pearls for a second full pearl rosary, but I have some other ideas for mixing types of beads in a rosary which I think will be neat. There is nothing quite like a pearl! Let me know what you think! Should I make more? Should I lists this one?

PS: I do do custom work!


K. A. Mace Jewelry said...

The Rosary is gorgeous!

Gailavira said...

Beautiful Rosary. Much too pretty to sell! I would say definately make more.

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Thanks everyone!

Mark said...

Hmm tough choice. I know what you mean. Sometimes I'll come up with something and I don't know if I should list it or keep it my own little secret.

I'd say list it, see if it sells. If it doesn't you can keep it, if it does let go and use the profit to make another one.

or just list it for quite a bit more than normal to see how much someone really wants it.

Terri said...

That rosary is beautiful!! I'd list them. My mom LOVES rosary beads, she has bunches of them.

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