Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Product Review: Black Cherry Shampoo Bar from Anderson Soap Company

This is the first of a few blogs that I am going to do where I review products I got on Etsy. I sorta went on a bit of a spending spree, so I thought I would share my delights with everyone out there!
The first thing to arrive in my mailbox is a package from Anderson Soap Company. Bought it November 2nd and it arrived November 5th. Both the outer and inner packaging was very secure and everything arrived all in one piece. To my surprise, other than the packing slip and nice business card, there were two freebie trial size soaps included with my order! One was Mint Chocolate, which smelled very yummy. It was very minty, some chocolate and a hint of something earthy, like coffee. The second freebie bar was Sage and Fig scented. It had a nice clean smell with some fruity fig and the snap of sage that reminds me for some reason of a good fruit cake. I enjoy both scents, so I was very very happy with the little extras included with my order.
On to the main dish...the Black Cherry Shampoo Bar (it is unwrapped in the picture)! The bar (according to the Etsy listing) about 4 oz, which is a good size when I compared with the other shops offering shampoo bars. The price for the size was also a good deal when compared with the rest, at 4 bucks. The best way I can describe the smell is what the inside of a chocolate covered cherry smells like. It is not overly sweet, but more earthy in aroma. The lather was good in the shower, and the scent was very light. I have heard that shampoo bars can also be used as shaving cream/gel, but since I never use any of that when I shave, I cant tell you how well it works in that application. The bar is easy to store in the shower in comparison to large plastic bottles (I shop at Sam's everything I get is huge). A little goes a long way, and since I have short hair, I dont anticipate running out of my shampoo bar any time soon. After the shower my hair felt very clean, and lighter. That may make some sense since it is not supposed to have the various chemicals that coat hair like commercially mass produced shampoos have. I cant smell my own hair, since it is short, so I had to wait until early evening for my husband to return home to give it a smell. Unfortunately, after running around on campus all day with a winter hat on, he couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary, but give that the scent was light to begin with, that doesn't surprise me.
Overall: Great product, with a very nice light smell. I like not having to worry about plastic bottles or sodium laurel sulfates. Thanks so much Anderson Soap Company!

**Update** My husband used it last night when he washed his hair and let me smell it once it was try. The smell was very very light, so it is no wonder that it didnt last though my school day!

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