Monday, November 5, 2007

Whoo hoo, a treasury!

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I just wanted to share my good fortune! I am in a can seem me in the upper right of this screen capture. I hope that this will drum up some good publicity for me. I lowered the price of that set so that it might sell. I dont normally go for plastic beads, but those bubbly type ones are very pretty.
For additional publicity I am going to order some custom pencils with my shop's website on it...and this maybe drum up some business. I am going to get my pencils from RW School Supply because they dont have a set up fee and there shipping seems reasonable.
I have also been ordering quite a few things this week from keep your eyes pealed for blogs about tooth chips, sugarlips deodorant, moonpads, and a shampoo bar!

Oh, and browser is all black and red (and a little gray) dont have a hard time seeing it. I only have a problem when the page I am trying to type/read in does weird auto formating stuff with it. Light gray writing on a white background is hard to read (yes, I am talking to you Flickr...)

**update** I did it, I ordered the pencils. They will have three lines of text and my "logo" in white on assorted dark color pencils. The minimum order was 3 gross...and the final price was a little over 70 bucks. I will show everyone what they look like when I get them-- about 2-3 weeks. I also got my shampoo bar in the mail today...and will try it tomorrow morning!

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