Thursday, November 15, 2007

Product Review: Custom Printed Pencils from RW School Supply

Lets get another product review knocked out of the park, shall we? Today we look at some custom printed pencils I got from RW School Supply.
I had been trying to think of different ways to advertise for a while. I dont have much time to advertise being a grad student and all, but if I could get something useful out to my customers (and potential customers) that they might use and pass around...that would be great! Thats what led me to think about having some custom printed pencils made. This idea got me searching the web for some company that could fill this bill. I had a few key things I was looking for, they had to be in my price range (as I just started this business this summer, I dont have a lot of money to sink into it), no set up fee (which cut out a lot of companies), a low minimum order, and the best value I could get.
I found that at RW in the Imprinted Round Pencils and more! These pencils come in a wide range of colors, with neon and foil options (which cost more). I went with the "Dark Assorted" with white text (although I was also leaning towards silver) for my color choice, which seemed like a good idea since I love dark colors, but they did not list what those colors were. When I got my pencils I found that "Dark Assorted" means black, navy, dark hunter green, brown, purple, red and (for some reason) orange. I like the variety, I was only expect maybe three colors, but seven was very nice! I also like that I could get three lines of text AND a "mascot" (my logo) with out any extra charge! Another wonderful thing about this company is that they will work with you. To have them print a custom mascot you must send them a black and white version of your image at a certain dpi. I had a photo I worked off of to make my image, but I have a very limited skill set in Photoshop...very limited. I kept sending them version and they worked with me to get it right. Eventually, I sent them a picture, and they said they would make it work...even though I couldnt get it exactly the way they wanted. Allen (the guy at the company that I was emailing imaged back and fourth) is great and made sure that my image was what it needed to be! You can see from the picture that it came out great! It costs extra for sharpening, so I didnt do that. The only thing I was a little worried about was the minimum order was 3 gross. That is a lot of pencils, but I made it out of there spending just over #70 bucks! The site says it could take 2 to 3 weeks for deliver, but mine came in a little under one, which was a great surprise.

Overall: I am extremely happy with my pencils. RW School Supply has wonderful helpful employees and a good product, especially for the price. I would recommend them to anyone for similar promotional items. They are fast and helpful...check them out!


Cathy said...

that's a great idea - i like the idea of useful promotional items :)

Danca said...

love your Etsy store and your blog, so I tagged you! Please go to my blog for details.
Have fun!
ps the 'legs' necklace is awesome!

Sarah Ridgley said...

i had some promo pencils made too. isn't it the most fun thing ever? you can see mine here:

Sarah Ridgley said...

maybe this will work

Mark said...

Sweet. This would be a great option for us students. Leave some in a lecture hall, or hand them out to people (like myself) who are too damn lazy to bring their own pencils for tests and note taking

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Thats the idea :P

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