Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Product Review: Moonpad Seconds from Epicerma

Time for my next review, so lets get started! Next on my list are my four Moonpad Second from Epicerma.

I recently switched to a Diva Cup but I found that I still want a little bit of protection just in case of a leak. I was looking around Etsy to find some cloth pads to fill the bill. I like the idea of not using disposable items because not only will it save me money in the long run, but it will also create less waste. Good deal all around, if you ask me :) There are several shops that offer cloth pads, so I shopped around for a while. I settled on Epicerma for two reasons...price and design. I like that I could buy seconds (or slightly imperfect moonpads) for a slightly reduced price. These imperfections in no way effect the performance of the moodpad, they are just cosmetic. I also really liked the design qualities the moonpads offer. They are designed more like a cloth version of a conventional pad, which wings that sewn in a direction that naturally wraps around your undies. The other designs that you can find are all cut out of one piece of fabric and then the wings are folded down and around. I also love the button closure over Velcro or no closure at all. The only thing I found in other pads that are not in moonpads is there is no water resistant or water proof layer. I would have liked that one extra layer of protection, but since I dont anticipate any of my leaks being THAT bad, I decided they were still a better design over those who had a water resistant/proof layer.
The package came and to my delight my name and address were written very artistically with stickers adorning the outside. Inside, the whole order was packaged in some very nice paper and wrapped with a green ribbon. Also included in my package was a business card, instructions on use and care of my moonpads, and a coupon for future orders. There are a lot of resources on care and cleaning of reuseable pads, both on Epicerma etsy page and online. Epicerma is also available to answer questions if you convo her. (I plan on storing mine in the toilet tank- cold water- until I hand wash them in the shower...but that is just me!)
That being said, with seconds you are at the mercy of the manufacturer. Because they are oopses, you dont really have much control over what patterns or colors may or may not be available. Luckily, you can make requests for preferred colors etc. when you order. I put in a requests for "Black, red, no pink or white and nothing girly". That request was actually written on the inside of the shipping envelope, which was really cool to see that Epicerma really listened. I was even more delighted when I saw the actual moonpads! As you can see from the picture, they are all dark colors with non-girly themes! I especially love the skull one, that made me giddy! They are all excellently made, and while if you look really close you may see that one side is not straight or something, that doesnt mean a thing to me!

Overall: I am psyched to finally get some reusable pads, and moonpads seem to be the best designed (in my opinion) out there. If I was using moonpads exclusively, I would be worried about not having a water resistant/proof layer because I have pretty heavy flows. For my use, they are pretty much perfect and I cant wait to put them into rotation next month when my "Aunt Flow" shows up! Thank you so much Epicerma!


Annie Rose said...


Thank you for the great review! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the toilet tank idea! I am going to try it out and also suggest it to my customers. Brilliant! Thanks again!

Annie Rose

Fuzzy Izmit said...

It's not my idea...I was researching the various makers on etsy and one of them suggested in in their item if only I could remember which one!

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