Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just thought I would let everyone out there who actually reads this know what is going on in my life right now. I am finally over the flu (which is what I think I had), mostly. I can function and think, I just cough a lot. I made it though hell week, and I am free to research the rest of break unabated! I have also bought new lights for my lighting rig. I bought a couple of work lights from Home Depot. They are super bright and were cheap (ranging from around 8 - 13 bucks). They are really flexible, placement wise, as well. The only draw back is they get a little hot. As long as I keep and eye on them, I think they will work out just fine. The best part is, if my husband needs to work outside or on the car, we now have some work lights! I hope this week or this weekend I will be able to actually shoot some pictures and get some new stuff in my shop. (Like that rosary...)

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Lis said...

Get some spiral bulbs and they won't get hot. Took me a couple weeks to figure this out and I'm surprised I didn't burn my apartment down.

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