Friday, January 18, 2008

Giving Mood...

I got a call from my mom the other day and it started me down this road to create this necklace. My mom is on the board for my old middle school, Stepping Stone. Every year they hold a auction to raise money for stuff the school needs. She asked me if I wouldnt mind donating some of my jewelry to the cause. I figure it will be really nice to not only give back to a school that has given me so much, plus I could get some exposure. I figured I could make some stuff easy enough, plus it will be tax deductible! I sat down the other night to create. The last piece I figured I would make a big and bold necklace. I had it finished when things started to go wrong...I wont name them all but lets just say that at about 12 midnight I ended up with a broken necklace, a work table full of beads and my crimp beads were knocked over. I was so frustrated! I decided to take some time off, just leave it all there and come back later. After an hour on tooling around Etsy, I found some sterling silver medallions that I use for my rosaries and decided to put them away. As I sat down I to put them away and started to clean up the crimp beads. Then I saw the messy pile of beads that used to be a beautiful necklace. I just couldnt let that sit over night. Must be bad mojo or something. So I went through and restrung the whole thing and made everything stronger. I want to make a few pairs of earrings to or something, but that will be another day! Let me know what you think of the necklace! That cross is 2 1/3 inches long, just to give you an idea of scale!


tootsiegrace said...

How frustrating! I hate it when I am having an off night! But that is really great that you are giving to the school that you went to. And great exposure, too! Good luck with it all!

AdobeSol said...

You have a great big heart... and your jewelry is absolutely stunning!

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