Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My current lighting rig

My current lighting rig
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I just thought I would show everyone where I take my pictures! That is a picture of my lighting rig. The lights are work lights from Home Depot, each of them were 12 bucks or so. The tiny tripod is from Radio Shack, and it was on sale for 6 or so bucks. My only complaint is the rotating head is a bit too loose, but it does give me a lot more stability than hand holding my camera, even with the play in it. My light box is an old 100 Calorie Pack of some kind (they have white cardboard inside!) and the panels are printer paper. Overall, it was cheap and easy! The box is a bit to small for some of my work, but since it was basically free, I dont get upset when my cat sleeps in it or accidentally rips up a panel. All of it is easily replaced! And all of this fits easily on my kitchen table!
Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

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LoveMeKnot Creations said...

that's a neat idea!! You take great pictures!

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