Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some More Dreads!

I have my heart set on getting some dread extensions, and I found a place that has some for a killer price... but it seems they dont have dreads in my color...
My question to all of you is what color (by their description) would you buy if you had hair like this (the picture is from when I had natural dreads)

Here is the link to the dreads I want to buy: Doctored Dreadlocks

What color would you say (from the colors avalible in dreadlocks) is closest to my natural hair color. I dont want to dye my hair and I know that most of the roots should be covered since they are DEs.

Thanks for your suggestions! Oh, and I dont have time to make my own... so that is why I am buying them.


Anonymous said...

I love Dreadlocks :)

Alex said...

how did you do your natural dreads?

Alex said...

How did you do your natural dreads?

Fuzzy Izmit said...

I made them using dread wax and back combing. I didnt like the texture (wax builds up in the hair) so I suggest using back combing and the 'crochet hook' method. (I am going to use this method the next time I get dreads) Go search on youtube for 'crochet hook dreads' or something along those lines and you should find many tutorials to learn from.

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