Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Well, I did get my synthetic dreads and had them installed last weekend. Here is the results. The installation was done by my husband and my SIL. They arent perfect, but it works. Hopefully they will get better from here! I also tried to non-permanently dye my hair closer to the auburn color of the dreads... and that didnt work at all! I am now debating on making my own wool dreads from roving in the future, but I dont know how much that will cost or how much roving I would need.


Froggy said...

I love these, the color is great. I just wish I could get some as neat and pretty as those.

Gabrielle Lloyd said...

Hey, it's came up as an image result for a google search I did. Thought that was pretty amusing. Love the dreads, they look good =)

Anonymous said...

I found a yarn falls tutorial, thought you might be interested.

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