Saturday, February 9, 2008

Next Bead Embroidery Project

I thought that I would share with you my next big project. This is eventually going to be completely bead embroidered in shades of gold and green. I havent yet decided what the part that will go around the neck will be, but it will probably be beaded as well. This is my first try at doing an entire piece "free style", meaning that there will be next to no pattern and I am sorta making it up as I go along. The beads are also a larger size than those that I used on my previous project (the Fire Ball Necklace), so I have to get used to working with these as well. To give you an idea, the yellow bead surrounded by pearls actually has the light yellow beads from my previous project as well between the bead and the pearls. The green beads are huge in comparison! The cabochon in the middle is (I think) malachite. but it came in a grab bag so I cant be 100% sure. I probably shouldnt have used black thread, but to late for that. I am hoping it should all work out in the end. I think I will also have some elements hanging down off the edge of the necklace as well, possibly incorporating brass coins. I am also working with my last appropriatly sized needle for this kind of work. If it breaks, I will be S.O.L. until I get the funds to get another order into my supplier. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

That will look cool! I am thinking about trying bead embroidery, to add to my huge list of things to learn. I'm starting to gather beads here and there. Good luck on the project!

Little Salem

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