Sunday, March 23, 2008

Wool Dread Extensions: Part 2

I thought I would show a little update on my progress. It is slow going, but today my husband helped me a little bit. We now have a total of 26 done... only 44 more to go! I am thinking I may dye a small batch of these ones red to see how all that works. I can then do some needle felting too! I think if I have any dreads left over I will make some dread falls on elastic bands and sell them on my Etsy page.

WIP dreads

I have also started crocheting a bit to break up my time. I was looking around Etsy at dread bands and it inspired me to make my own. I have made two so far, but this camouflage one is my favorite by far. I will probably make one or two more. I have made a gray one and plan additional colors like black and/or red.

Camo Dread Band

You can also see my old hand-me-down couch. I look forward one day to buying my own furniture!

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