Sunday, May 18, 2008

Product Review: Matte PVC Surgical Mask from Black Orchid Designs

I have been wanting a simple black surgical style mask for years, but all the searching I have done on the internet has yielded me either very intricate and massive mask (like this one) or very expensive ones (like this). I didnt want a big investment in my first mask if I didnt like them. Thankfully, I found Black Orchid Designs on etsy! I had hearted her shop a while ago because of some of the wonderful and affordable items she has in her shop. When I first decided to look into her shop to fulfill my mask needs, no plain black masks were listed so I convoed her to see if I could get a custom mask done. Black Orchid told me that she was actually listing exactly what I wanted in a few days, so I could just order that. I was so excited! Two things to keep in mind when ordering from Black Orchid is that:
1. She is in Canada, so it may take a little longer if you are ordering from the US etc.
2. Her default shipping method is air mail, which is fairly expensive. To get ground mail, which is more affordable (but takes longer) just contact her and she can arrange that.
All that being said, it took my mask about 2 weeks to get to me (using ground mail and I am in the US). The package was plain and only contained my mask wrapped in some tissue paper, but everything arrived just fine and in one piece. I am very happy with Black Orchids customer service, price and product. It is hard to find affordable gothic style clothing and accessories and Black Orchid Designs is a great shop for those of us who love style but dont have a lot of money to spend creating it. All in all, my mask with ground shipping cost me under 7 dollars!
Overall impression: I love Black Orchid and would recommend her to anyone!


LeArmoire said...

Wow! this reminds me of Hostel. :-)

Daniel said...

Impressive. I hope it breaths okay considering it's a mask over your face. I will look into this for a costume I need and recommend her to some of my friends. :D

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