Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Product Review: Ad Campaign Designed by Fauxtograph

I have come to the terrible realization that I have 0 talent or patience when it comes to creating graphics. When I needed help in redesigning my banner, Fauxtograph was kind enough to help me out with a fair trade. Now you can see that beautiful piece of work all over all my various websites. I recently discovered Project Wonderful (as you can see from the new ad spots on my blog!). I tried again to make some small ads to start advertising all over the web, and I got the same horrible results I normally get. I caught Fauxtograph in the Red Chat room on etsy and asked if she could help me out. Fauxtograph then created the beautiful ads that you see before you! That isnt all of them, but you get the idea of the great quality. I love them, and I hope that you see them around the web!

Overall Impression: Fast, beautiful and affordable ads with wonderful customer service. I would recommend Faux's services to anyone looking for some design work!

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maryeb said...

such a colorful blog!

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