Saturday, June 7, 2008

Nice Things Just for Me

I dont often get to sit down and create something that is specifically for me. Tonight was a rare night. I decided to take a night for myself. I just wanted something nice to wear when I go out some times. I normally wear the same jewelry all the time and dont spend money on "frill" jewelry.
I made myself an long "over the head" style black and red necklace. I tried to use all the black and red odds and ends I had laying around. It has all different kinds of beads in it, including glass, stone, bone and coral.
The next two things I tried out was some hair clips. Since I got rid of my wool dreads, I have some crazy hair... that needs to be restrained. It is too short for any kind of pony tails yet, so clips will have to do. The first of the two clips has an actual preserved maple leaf focal "bead". It is a bead, it even has a hole to string it by. I have been waiting for inspiration to come to me so I could use it, but I was so afraid that if I put it in a necklace, it would break. It is pretty sturdy, but I like to make things that are durable when used in their normal capacity. I figured I could safely use it on a hair clip because you don't normally knock you head into things, but you may catch a necklace on something. I really like the little beaded drop off the end of the clip... it sorta jazzes up that end of things. The second hair clip is just something fun. All the tiny rhinestones were glued by hand. There are 3 drops with 3 jingle bells on each end. It is just something simple and fun to wear.
I dont think I will be putting any of these into "production" any time soon, but if you really like what you see, I have no problem doing a custom order for you! Just go to my etsy shop and get the process started!


moonmystic said...

Cool idea.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Very nice, I've actually been working on some things for myself-not jewelry because I don't wear it, but I've taken some just for me photos and made a few collages for my workspace! It feels good to treat yourself, yes?

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