Saturday, June 14, 2008

Work Frenzy!

Work Frenzie!
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A friend of mine got me on an earring kick the other night and I ended up making just about 30 pairs of earrings in one night! I have no idea when I will find the time to photograph them all and list them. I really love when I get creative spurts, but then having to follow through... yikes! Most the earrings are smaller, simpler designs and will probably be prices in the 3-5 dollar range depend on. I also have a few more styles of "Geisha Head" earrings, but those run about 10-15. If you look closely you can see some body part jewelry making a reappearance! I finally found a couple of yard sales that had old Barbie's for a decent price this year! It only took me ALL year to find them! Some more cha-cha style bracelets are on the horizon too, along with my first ever wire ring. Keep checking my shop as I try to list all these in the next... I dont know, month?!?

UPDATE: I just finished a massive photo session and if you want to see a taste of what I had on my work bench, take a look!

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