Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Product Review: 10 Random Themed Gothic 1 Inch Pinback Buttons from Button Empire

I have been meaning to review these wonderful buttons for ever... I got them back in February... but I have just been so busy. This is actually my second purchase from this seller and I am extremely happy with the quality of these stylish buttons. This wonderful seller is Button Empire on Etsy. The first time I discovered Button Empire, I got a gift for my husband and I. It was a cute pair of his and her buttons that says "I'd rather be smooching my nerdy husband" and "I'd rather be smooching my crafty wife". The are just adorable! I mentioned quality earlier... and let me tell you, these buttons are tough little buggers! I have a jean jacket that I love to stick buttons and patches on, so my buttons go on that. My husband has no such button displaying device, so he put it on one of his button down shirts. This shirt went through 2 complete wash and dry cycles and it was no worse for wear. No rusting, bleeding or fading. I was just amazed! Because of this, when I saw that Button Empire offered a random bunch of 10 gothic themed buttons I jumped on it! I have a weakness for randomized things and grab bags. When my package came speedily in the mail I couldnt wait to rip into it and see what I got. I got quite the pick, from skeletons, anatomical diagrams to comic book vampires. Button Empire also included 3 freebie buttons... pink and flowery.... but I found a place for them.

Overall impression: Great value and awesome (laundry defying) quality. Once I find some more room on my jacket, I hope to get some more!

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