Saturday, August 9, 2008

Product Review (long term): French Butter Dish from K H Phillips

I have been meaning to write a review on this for a long time... so this is actually my very first long term product review. About a year ago my husband and I decided to try and slowly cut out some man made chemicals from our diets, and we started by switching from margarine to butter. The issue with butter is that if you keep it in the fridge, it is too hard to spread, but keeping it at room temperature means it will go bad more quickly. I found French butter pots or dishes on etsy and decided to give them a try. I found a beautiful blue French butter Dish from K. H. Phillips and have been using it for the past 11 months, and in that time I have fallen in love! The thought behind the design of any French butter dish is that you fill the "bell" (or lid) with butter and put a small amount of water in the dish. When you put the lid on the dish, the water creates a seal that is so good that you can keep your butter on your counter at room temperature for up to a month! Well, I can attest that our butter has never gone rancid at any point in time while we have used the French butter dish! I tell everyone I can about it, and I think I have converted my mom and a few others. Our particular dish holds just under two sticks. That is really the only issue I have with it-- since we let the stick butter soften to room temp before we put it in the dish, we always have a little bit left over that just doesnt fit in the bell. The dish is also dishwasher safe, the color is as beautiful today as it was went we bought it and the construction is very sturdy. There are a lot of little details like the spiral design on the lid and the details on of the handles that really add to the overall enjoyment of the dish. Occasionally if there is an air bubble or something, the butter will fall out of the bell at inopportune moments, but that has only happened once or twice.

Overall Impression: I love my French butter dish and recommend it to anyone who has a hard time with hard butter. I really appreciate the large capacity, but would love a little more extra room for the last 1/8 or so for the last part of the second stick.


AmyEsther said...

I loooove KH Phillip's work. No one is more deserving of a review...Makes me want to try one of his butter dishes now!

Ann said...

Very cool! I've always wanted one and didn't even think of the fact that they probably have them on etsy. I'll have to take a look.

I make my own butter, which is super easy, and that might be a good solution for the capacity issue.

Valerie said...

Margarine won't clog your arteries as much, but it does not sound as natural as butter. PLUS ! Butter tastes so much better =)

I will try and see if I can find one of those french butter dishes, I heard they were awesome, and since you tried it and like it, I really think I'll get one.

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