Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Product Review: Two Pairs of Wrist Warmers from Ariadne's Island

I have a weakness for hand warmers... and I finally indulged myself in two light pairs for the summer from a great and affordable shop on etsy called Ariadne's Island. Her wrist warmers are so cute and come in lots of colors. I stuck with my two favorites, red and black. Ariadne is also open to custom orders. I had been watching the shop even since I had saved up a few extra bucks to see if she had any colors I liked and inquired on a custom order of red and black... but to my luck she was planning on listing those same colors so all I had to do was to wait and pick them up in a few days! I have to say, they came very quickly and in great shape. They are made of t-shirt like material (I am no fabric expert, but I am sure if you really wanted to know you could just ask her!) and are perfect for summer. When I got them, I wore them for about 2 weeks just about every day. I absolutely love them! I have to say, I also love the price too, great deal for an awesome look!

Overall Impression: Great customer service, comfortable and affordable product. I look forward to ordering more items in the future!

The images are used with permission from Ariadne's Island. Mine are full of cat hair... since I have two cats and I wear them so often!


kim* said...

those will be needed in winter.

SecretMe said...

sweet, they look awesome and pretty comfy too. ta for the linky!

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