Friday, September 26, 2008

Yorik, our new cookie jar!

Yorik, our new cookie jar!
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What can I say... I love Target. That store takes Halloween as seriously as I do. I have been looking for a new cookie jar for AGES (since I make cookies fairly often) and I just haven't found one that fit me. Well, the other day my husband and I decided to check out the delight that is Target's Halloween candy and decor. After gallivanting through piles of gooey gummy bats and beakers of margarita mix, I laid my eyes upon this gem! He was sitting with two others, just waiting for me to whisk him away to my kitchen. I knew right when I saw him, he had to be mine. I was thinking of waiting until the Halloween stuff went on sale, but I knew if I waited he would be gone for sure. I think he goes wonderfully with my eyeball salt and pepper shakers we got last year, don't you? While I don't remember exactly where we got them, they eyeballs did not come from target. I figure, when I am rich (yeah right) I will be able to have a whole "mad scientist" themed kitchen, complete with beakers for drinking vessels etc. A girl can dream, can't she?


LazyTcrochet said...

Hahaha mad scientist kitchen. Love the cookie skull!

Anonymous said...

While I LOVE the cookie jar, I am so glad my husband didn't see it - because it definitely would not go with my sunflower kitchen theme. :) Love it!

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