Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arm Warmer Frenzy!

I have been in a fiber frenzy lately. I have made something like 3 pairs of arm warmers (4 if you count a pair I messed up on). I am still working on a blanket and another set of red arm warmers, plus I have another blanket and an extremely long pair of arm warmers floating around in the back of my head. My first two pairs (red and black pair and the sparkly cranberry and black pair) are crocheted and the gray ones are knitted. I retaught myself how to knit because my still WIP red pair (not pictured) will be created using a yarn were the stitches just disappear when they leave your crochet hook! I really want to use this yarn because of its color, red and slightly darker red, and it is really light and soft. As a bonus, while I was balling it up, the original skein looked like a flopping blood clot dancing around my floor. That was great! I found a "new" techinique for balling up my yarn where it will pull from the middle of the ball... yeah I know I am behind on my fiber arts learning curve.. I have only been crocheting for something like 10 years now. HERE is where you can find it. The only issue I have with it is if you get a knot... you are missing one of your thumbs to help unwravel it. More views of my arm warmers can be found on my Flickr site. If you like what you see, just let me know! I am always willing to do custom work (through my etsy shop, of course!)!.


kim* said...

i need those cause i get so cold in winter

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Well, say the word and I might be able to whip something up for you!

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