Sunday, October 5, 2008

WIP... I have just started today

I recently completed a nice project for a friend that got me going on a huge knitting/crocheting kick (see some of my previous posts). That got me thinking, I have never really made anything big for just me! Well, today that changes. I started working on a vertical striped blanket that is going to be nice and warm to curl up with on cold nights. I plan on making the stripes separately then join them later. The scarf like sections will make it easier to manage and move around with. You can see the two colors I chose were an off white and a dark red. I have yet to choose a complementing color to join everything with, but I figure I have plenty of time to figure that out as this is going to take me forever to complete.

My mom would probably die since I picked out "white" as a color, but I think of it this way... the off white looks more like bone. Bone and blood look good together, right? So there! I do like to contrast some times! I am sure when she sees this for the first time she will faint from pure amazement. Then she will start buying me white clothes, which I will never wear... oh well, you cant win them all, right?
You can see more photos, like a picture showing all of the yarn I had to buy (6 pounds total!) and close ups of my stitches on my flickr account!


Amber Rose said...

Ooooh, I love that red color!! :)

LoveMeKnot Creations said...

oooh wow, that'll be a nice warm blanket!

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