Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best Freaking Hair Dryer EVER!!! (story included)

This is my saga of the elusive Hot-n-Gold Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer Model #Gh2138. Listen and learn, my children, to my story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl interested in getting natural dreads. She pined away for years, waiting until she had the time and resources to do it (mostly) right. She researched and found the most perfect ideal (and highest rated and well reviewed on Amazon) bonnet style hair dryer to dry her dreads in a timely manner. She found the fabled Hot-n-Gold bla bla bla (see my first paragraph). It works reliably, is hot, can be used hands free (so she can blog while drying her hair), durable and all around great design. But lo, can she find anyplace on the whole interwebs to buy such a magnificent hair drying machine? No. Amazon is out of stock, eBay is useless, Google just laughs.

Dejected, she buys a warming conditioner cap by mistake (which was returned, but she was out postage). She then found what she thought would be a suitable substitute... but the much anticipated package never arrived (being diverted to her old address which she forgot to update... then stolen because the tracking info said "delivered").

After months of frustration (and loosing a bunch of money on a priority packaged that SHOULD have been re-routed given the USPS's own rules and admission...grr) the poor girl had all but given up hope of ever finding her magical golden cap. A life of feebling attempting to dry a full head of dreads with a normal dryer which would not fit a bonnet attachment because it was shaped abnormally mixed with hours of air trying awaited.

To sooth her wounded soul, the girl (along with her prince charming) went to the local mall to eat hot soft pretzels with mayonnaise (it is really good, try it!). While they walked around, the girl spotted a beauty supply store (not a chain one). One look couldnt hurt right? Maybe she could at least see if they even had bonnet hair dryers for sale, but she didnt think they would.

Much to her surprise, on the lowest shelf.... lay the Hot-n-Gold beauty she had been hoping for all along! Throwing fiscal conservancy to the wind she quickly grabbed the box and hurried to the register (thank god they took plastic)!

To this day, the dready girl sits, typing away, drying her dreads quickly and hands free, gladly thanking the bonnet dryer gods for allowing her the joy of sharing her story and inspiring others with soaking wet hair that they too... if they are lucky, can find their own golden crown to hotly blast their worries (and wetness) away!


Caroline said...

I love it when that happens! Congrats :D

kimbutgar said...

I have this dryer and was drying my hair tonight when my autistic son messed with and it stopped working!I am crushed. I love this dryer and can't find it anymore! :(. Was amused by your blog entry.

Fuzzy Izmit said...

Oh no! I hope you are lucky and find another one soon.

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