Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Someone has been very BAD!

Well, partially me because I havent updated in a while... sorry about that. Life is really hectic right now (that's what I always say... right?)
The real bad girl today was my kitty Dot. Hubby and I were working on getting some paper work put together for a very important meeting and we heard a crash. We had no idea what it could be, so we started to investigate. In the hallway we see Dot, doing her best "OMG, I did something bad, avoid mom and dad" routine.
 Shut up, you love me!

Going into the craft room, we are greeted with this:

We only had about 15 minutes to clean it up before we had to leave for this meeting! Luckily I knew a trick. I learned this on the Etsy forums... so if you ever have a bead spill this is what you do. Take a nylon and put it over the nozzle of your vacuum. Let the 'foot' part be loose enough to suck into the nozzle a bit. Secure it with a rubber band if you have one... now all you need to do is vacuum up the beads and empty the nylon filter when you loose suction. Voila!
I am guessing Dot was trying to see if she could get on the stack of bead boxes I had in the corner of my desk (she likes to climb and get into funky spaces) and she managed to topple the 'tower'.

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