Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long Term Review of Brooksbot75 Skull Purse

I got an awesomely wicked handmade metal skull purse from Brooksbot75 a while ago. I was lucky enough to interview him for my other blog, fell head-over-heals in love with this purse... which I then saved up all my precious pennies to buy to replace my busted and thread bare 'crocheted' purse monstrosity I bought at Target for 10 bucks about a year before to fill the need for a purse. I figured a freaking metal purse would last longer! I got it a little after the first of the year.

It took a little bit of time to get my purse because I ordered it right during the x-mas rush... but I was in no hurry. Pursey (that's what I named him) came with the custom length chain so I could put the purse over my shoulder. I dont know why most purses these days have short straps so that you cannot use both your hands while shopping or have to stuff it in your armpit... again impeding use of your arms. I am one of those crazy people who want a purse securely slung across my body, but I still want to use both arms and hands without having to worry about my purse falling either to my elbow or onto the floor... go figure.

Pursey is lined, which is nice. It saves my keys, pocket book and cellphone from unnecessary wear and lessens the amount of sounds coming from my purse. My purse does squeak on occasion (from the movement of the chain... think school yard swings) but that is easily stopped by resting hand on top of his very touchable cranium. I know that I am constantly fingering his smooth metal surface and tracing his copper grommets! This 'chrome dome' makes a great drum to pass the time, too!

Pursey is heavy, but it almost all comes from the chain. The chain is steel, while the purse itself is lightweight aluminum. I plan on some day replacing the chain with a leather equivalent to lighten the load. This purse, as a bonus, could definitely be used as a self defense weapon if needed. (I need to level up so I can get WP Chain.... gamer geek humor there) Given that it is a metal skull, I would imagine that that would also be a theft deterrent.

Pursey is a bit small inside. I can only fit my small pocket book, basic cellphone and my keys in him. That is okay with me, I have always been drawn to small purses. The opening mechanism is simple, but I believed it has been redesigned a bit (I have the first version of this purse, and I believe Brooksbot75 is onto a second version) I still like it. It can open unexpectedly if you bump it just right, so be warned.

Random people comment about him all the time. I frequently get "Is that a purse?", "Cool skull!" and "Did you make that?" from all kinds of people. I have even had people ask to take pictures of my purse with their cellphones!

Overall Impression:
Pros: Awesome design, small, graphic, can be a weapon, eye-catching, decent price, handmade.
Cons: Can be a bit heavy with the steel chain, can open unexpectedly, small, watch out when around things that can scratch... like the paint jobs on cars.


MAB Jewelry said...

He is magnificent!

MAB Jewelry said...

He is magnificent!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

I definitely need to check out that shop - I hearted the one highlighted in your other blog!

urban craft said...

that purse is bad ass. I love it!
The dread counter is awesome too.
Celebrate odd etsy is the best.

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